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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: OraSure Technologies, Becton Dickinson, NRichDx, More

OraSure Technologies Gut Metatranscriptomic Services

OraSure Technologies' Diversigen subsidiary has launched a service to provide metatranscriptomic sequencing and analysis of gut microbiome samples.

The service will generate a gene expression profile of a sample's microbial community. Diversigen has optimized extraction methods for microbial mRNA, confirmed reproducible library preparation and sequencing approaches, and created a curated database with more than 190,000 genomes representing 31,000 species of microbes to allow profiling of gene expressions, pathways, and functional categories beyond what is possible with metagenomics or amplicon sequencing, the firm said.

Becton Dickinson BD Rhapsody TCR/BCR Multiomic Assay

Becton Dickinson has launched the BD Rhapsody TCR/BCR Multiomic Assay globally. The reagents enable profiling of full-length T-cell and B-cell receptors to advance research in autoimmune disorders, immuno-oncology, and infectious diseases. Applications for the assay include screening for antigen-specific cells in response to infectious diseases, immune repertoire profiling of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, and vaccine development and evaluation of efficacy. The assay is optimized to work with the BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis System workflow.

NRichDx Revolution Sample Prep Service

NRichDx has launched the Revolution Sample Prep Service for cell-free DNA (cfDNA) and circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) extraction from researcher-provided plasma or urine samples. The company said the service is for researchers who want to maximize the recovery and yield of cfDNA and ctDNA from plasma or urine samples of 1 ml to 20 ml, but may not yet need to purchase the firm's Revolution Sample Prep System.

Researchers using the service first complete a short intake form on the NRichDx website, then send their samples to the company for cfDNA extraction by technicians using the Revolution Sample Prep System. The cfDNA is eluted in the requested volume and returned by express shipment to the researcher. The company said the turnaround time is typically within a week.

Per-sample pricing for plasma or urine samples of less than or equal to 10 ml is $99, while samples that are more than 10 ml are charged $119. In addition to the service, NRichDx said it will continue to sell the Revolution Sample Prep System and kits and semi-automated workflow powered by Eppendorf.

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