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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Molecular Instruments, Bio-Rad, Telesis Bio, Molecular Health

Molecular Instruments HCR RNA-CISH

Molecular Instruments (MI), a biotech spinout of the California Institute of Technology, has launched HCR RNA-CISH to enhance automated chromogenic in situ hybridization (ISH) workflows that depend on RNAscope. The HCR RNA-CISH kits provide better performance than any existing chromogenic in situ hybridization approach with double the turnaround time and half the cost, the company said. HCR RNA-CISH also features native support for IHC codetection and full compatibility with all major automation platforms, the company added.

Bio-Rad StarBright Blue and StarBright Yellow Dyes

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched StarBright Blue and StarBright Yellow dyes for flow cytometry applications. The dyes feature exceptional brightness with narrow excitation and emission profiles for precise resolution using blue (488 nm) and yellow (561 nm) lasers, Bio-Rad said. StarBright Blue Dyes 580, 615, 675, 700, 765, and 810 are excitable by the 488 nm laser, and StarBright Yellow Dyes 575, 605, 665, 720, and 800 by the 561 nm laser, with low background. Each dye in the StarBright range is conjugated to flow-validated antibodies, supporting flow cytometry panel design in immunology research, the company said.

Telesis Bio BioXp Select mRNA Synthesis Kit

Telesis Bio has launched the BioXp Select mRNA Synthesis Kit, which enables on-demand and automated synthesis of mRNA from linearized plasmid DNA within hours. The new kit incorporates the firm's CleanCap technology and can use modified nucleosides.

Molecular Health MH Guide 6.0

Molecular Health has introduced version 6.0 of its MH Guide tertiary analysis software for genomic profiling. The new release adds support for human reference genome GRCh38, also known as hg38. The browser-based MH Guide 6.0 also, for the first time, supports bulk case exports for documentation, downstream analysis, and third-party reporting.

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