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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Miroculus, Oxford Nanopore, CareDx, More

Miroculus Miro Canvas

Miroculus has launched a new digital microfluidics platform that can carry out on-demand automation of complex next-generation sequencing sample preparation protocols. The instrument was unveiled during the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology meeting in February 2020, but it wasn't commercially launched until this week. According to the company, the platform is capable of digitally encoding, fully automating, and running all NGS prep protocols, even complex ones, with a universal cartridge and without requiring any hardware changes between runs. With its ability to simplify, automate, and miniaturize complex NGS library prep, Miroculus said the platform is well suited for laboratories that do not run a high volume of sequencing samples and want improved control over sample processing.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies Short Fragment Mode

Oxford Nanopore Technologies has launched Short Fragment Mode (SFM), a free software feature for real-time sequencing of short fragments of DNA. The company said that while SFM can ​​"unlock" the ability to sequence DNA fragments down to 20 bases, it does not require any new sequencing reagents or devices since it is a result of software rather than chemistry updates. Additionally, the company said SFM will be available from the single-use Flongle to the high-throughput PromethIon.

CareDx XenoSure, XenoMap

CareDx has introduced XenoSure and XenoMap, complementary, noninvasive transplant surveillance products used to detect graft injury and to assess immune quiescence, respectively. XenoSure consists of donor-derived cell-free DNA, and XenoMap is used in gene-expression profiling in xenotransplantation research and post-xenotransplant clinical monitoring. Surgeons from the University of Maryland School of Medicine recently used both products in assessing organ graft health during the world's first pig-to-human heart xenotransplant.

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