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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Medicover Genetics, Biocartis, Curio Bioscience, More

Medicover Genetics NeoThetis Pan-Cancer Plus Panel

Cyprus-based Medicover Genetics has launched the NeoThetis Pan-Cancer Plus Panel, an expansion of its Liquid Biopsy Therapy Selection Portfolio. The new panel analyzes more than 200 genes as well as genomic immunotherapy biomarkers, such as microsatellite instability and blood tumor mutational burden, that are connected to US Food and Drug Administration/European Medicines Agency-approved therapies and adhere to professional society and clinical trial criteria, the company said. NeoThetis Pan-Cancer Plus provides over 1 Mb of genomic coverage and targets more than 2,000 genetic loci using a simple blood draw. Medicover can provide the test in more than 40 countries primarily in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, South Africa, Asia, and South America, a company spokesperson said.

Biocartis Idylla PIK3CA-AKT1 Mutation Assay, Apis Breast Cancer Subtyping Kit, Apis ESR1 Mutations Kit

Biocartis has launched a new portfolio of research-use-only breast cancer tests including the Idylla PIK3CA-AKT1 mutation assay and, in collaboration with Apis Assay Technologies, the Apis Breast Cancer Subtyping Kit and Apis ESR1 Mutations Kit.

The Idylla PIK3CA-AKT1 Mutation Assay is a fully automated real-time PCR test performed on the Biocartis Idylla platform for the qualitative detection of 13 mutations in the PIK3CA gene, plus one mutation in the AKT1 gene in FFPE human tissue sections. It has a turnaround time of approximately 150 minutes.

The APIS Breast Cancer Subtyping Kit is an RT-qPCR gene expression assay that enables relative gene expression quantification of 10 human mRNA target genes extracted from FFPE pre-operative core needle biopsies or resected breast tumor tissue. Biocartis will distribute the manual kit in selected European countries ahead of a planned Idylla version.

The Apis ESR1 Mutations Kit is designed to detect 11 ESR1 mutations in circulating DNA from plasma samples. Biocartis will also distribute this manual kit initially in Europe and will explore, together with Apis, the development of a fully automated version on Idylla.

Curio Bioscience Seeker 10x10 Spatial Mapping Kit

Curio Bioscience has launched the new Curio Seeker 10x10 kit for whole-transcriptome spatial analysis, which enables analysis of tissues up to 1 cm2 in area by capturing and mapping the spatial location of RNA molecules using next-generation sequencing. The format delivers a view of large biological structures, including human tissue samples and whole-organ samples from model organisms, the company said.

Telo Genomics TeloViewSMM

Telo Genomics has launched the TeloViewSMM system to clinicians in the US. Combining molecular biology and artificial intelligence, the diagnostic platform enables six-factor quantitative analysis of 3D telomeres, which are the protective end caps of chromosomes. The company said TeloView has the potential to characterize multiple cancers, identify their current level of genomic instability, and predict their progression. The company's initial clinical launch is focused on testin in cases of "smoldering multiple myeloma," a precursor for multiple myeloma. The test is currently available for physicians to order under an observational study called SMART (Smoldering Multiple myeloma Assessment of Risk for Transformation). While the initial launch will be conducted within a single-site laboratory-developed test model, Telo said it aims to eventually move into commercial-scale test delivery in partnership with large reference labs where FISH and microscopy resources are available and scalable.

Hedera Dx Hedera Profiling 2 ctDNA Test Panel

Hedera Dx has launched the blood-based Hedera Profiling 2 ctDNA Test Panel for precision cancer therapy guidance. The product is a combination of laboratory reagents and interpretation software to enable assays covering over 80 percent of the European Society for Medical Oncology Scale for Clinical Actionability of Molecular Targets (ESCAT) Level I genes. The Hedera Prime software platform is IVD registered and can rapidly interpret DNA sequencing results and generate clinical reports, the company said.

that allows hospitals to adopt liquid biopsy testing locally for their patients with minimal internal effort. The in-house test kits offer an alternative to various available send-out tests performed in centralized commercial laboratories.

Molecular Designs Direct-PCR Covid/Flu/RSV Simplicity Panel

Molecular Designs has released the Direct-PCR Covid/Flu/RSV Simplicity Panel. The panel uses RT-PCR to detect and distinguish between SARS-CoV-2, influenza A, influenza B, and respiratory syncytial virus. It also incorporates a proprietary buffer to enable extractionless testing, and the assays are pre-pipetted in breakaway microwell plates, the company said.

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