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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: LabCorp, BostonGene, Seer, Myriad Genetics, More

Laboratory Corporation of America Plasma Focus

Labcorp has launched its Plasma Focus liquid biopsy test, which analyzes cell-free DNA to enable targeted therapy selection for patients with advanced or metastatic solid tumors. The test in intended for use in patients with non-small cell lung, colorectal, breast, esophageal, gastroesophageal junction, and gastric cancers, and melanoma, and is meant as a complement to tissue-based genomic testing, particularly when tissue is not available or accessible. It uses next-generation sequencing for the detection of genomic sequence mutations in 33 clinically actionable or relevant genes, including amplifications in eight genes, translocations associated with five genes, and microsatellite instability.

BostonGene Liquid Biopsy, Immunoprofiling, and Spatial Proteomics Solutions

BostonGene has launched its CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited liquid biopsy, immunoprofiling, and spatial proteomics solutions that the company said provide a "holistic" view of a patient's disease by integrating multiple AI-based molecular and immune profiling techniques. The liquid biopsy solution offers high-sensitivity pan-cancer interrogation of 216 genes, including 200 genes with complete exonic coverage, the company said. The company's proprietary error reduction algorithms and filtration of hematopoietic (CHIP) mutations provide accurate testing results, it added. The immunoprofiling solution uses a single tube of blood to identify surrogate biomarkers for clinical trial patient selection, monitor disease progression and treatment response, and guide immunotherapy treatment, BostonGene said. The spatial proteomics offering comprises a multiplex immunofluorescence assay to provide a comprehensive overview of tumor cells, active and suppressive immune cell infiltration, stromal and vascular components, and advanced analytics of tissue architecture based on cell-to-cell interactions, the company said.

Seer Proteograph XT Assay Kit

Seer has launched the newest version of its Proteograph assay kit, which the company said offers more than double the throughput of its original kits, allowing researchers to run discovery proteomics experiments consisting of hundreds of samples per week. The company's Proteograph system uses nanoparticle-based enrichment of proteins to improve depth of coverage and throughput of proteomics experiments.

Myriad Genetics Folate Receptor Alpha Biomarker

Myriad Genetics said that it has added folate receptor alpha (FRα) to its Precise Oncology Solutions portfolio. The new biomarker adds a companion diagnostic option for healthcare providers to help guide treatment decisions for patients with ovarian cancer. FRα establishes patient eligibility for Immunogen's Elahere (mirvetuximab soravtansine-gynx), the only US Food and Drug Administration-approved drug for patients who are FRα-positive and resistant to platinum-based chemotherapy. FRα is a newly recommended biomarker test included in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network treatment guidelines for ovarian cancer, Myriad noted. The new biomarker can be ordered from Myriad alongside other companion diagnostic tests, and oncologists can also choose to receive germline, HRD, FRα biomarker, and tumor testing results from a single laboratory.

GeneCentric Therapeutics/Tempus PurIST Pancreatic Cancer Test

GeneCentric Therapeutics' PurIST test for pancreatic cancer is now commercially available through Tempus for clinical use. PurIST is an RNA-expression test for identifying those patients with the classical subtype of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) most likely to experience longer overall survival with standard-of-care FOLFIRINOX than patients with the basal PDAC subtype. PurIST is a laboratory-developed test validated by Tempus as part of its whole-transcriptome RNA sequencing platform.

CeGaT and Twist Bioscience Twist Alliance CeGat RNA Fusion Panel

CeGaT and Twist Bioscience have launched the Twist Alliance CeGaT RNA Fusion Panel, which is designed to detect RNA fusions and conduct transcript variant analysis for oncology research. The companies said that they combined Twist's RNA library prep and target enrichment capabilities with CeGaT's tumor diagnostics and panel design know-how to create the panel to enrich for more than 150 fusion genes.

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