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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Illumina, NeoGenomics, Bionano Laboratories

Illumina Complete Long Read Prep, Human

Illumina has launched its Complete Long Read Prep for human samples. The assay offers data from regions of the genome that are hard to map with the firm's standard short-read sequencing technology.

The technology has a simple workflow and low DNA input requirements and is compatible with Illumina's NovaSeq X Plus, X, and 6000 instruments, the company said.

Illumina is offering a promotional price of $1,350 per whole genome on the NovaSeq X Plus, including a 25B flow cell. The price includes short- and long-read library preparation, sequencing, and cloud analysis.

NeoGenomics Radar Assay; Neo Comprehensive-Solid Tumor and Neo Comprehensive-Myeloid Disorders

NeoGenomics has commercially launched its Radar liquid biopsy test for minimal residual disease (MRD) for clinical use. The assay has been available for use in clinical research studies and pharmaceutical collaborations for more than a year, but it will now be available to US clinicians treating breast, colorectal, lung, and head and neck cancer patients. The laboratory-developed test tracks up to 48 tumor-specific variants in cell-free DNA in a patient's blood plasma and is intended to detect MRD and recurrence after curative intent or definitive treatment. 

NeoGenomics this week also announced the commercial availability of new sequencing-based comprehensive genomic profile tests Neo Comprehensive-Solid Tumor and Neo Comprehensive-Myeloid Disorders.

Neo Comprehensive-Solid Tumor is the company's largest solid tumor, pan-cancer assay available to date. It detects genomic alterations that are most relevant in diagnosis, therapy selection, prognosis, and clinical trials, the company said. The panel assays 517 genes using DNA and RNA sequencing, and includes microsatellite instability and tumor mutational burden.

Neo Comprehensive-Myeloid Disorders enhances the company's previous myeloid panel, making it the largest DNA and RNA sequencing-based myeloid panel on the market, the company said. It analyzes 164 genes and includes single-nucleotide variants, copy number variants, insertions and deletions, and fusions.

NeoGenomics also said it is introducing two software resources to complement its testing menu: NeoAccess, a test requisitioning tool with clinical decision support; and NeoSeek software that enables clinicians to mine their previous testing data to identify patients who may be biomarker-eligible for a new therapy or clinical trial.

Bionano Laboratories OGM-Dx Postnatal Whole Genome SV and OGM-Dx Prenatal Whole Genome SV Tests

Bionano Laboratories, the clinical services arm of Bionano Genomics, has launched two new optical genome mapping (OGM)-based laboratory-developed tests (LDTs), OGM-Dx Postnatal Whole Genome SV and OGM-Dx Prenatal Whole Genome SV. The postnatal assay tests peripheral blood samples from individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), intellectual disability, developmental delay, epilepsy and rare undiagnosed genetic disease, and others. According to the company, the report of this test will include a whole genome analysis of structural variants (SVs) and will screen for the common CGG expansion in the FMR1 gene that may indicate fragile X syndrome.

The prenatal test may be indicated for fetuses where a genetic anomaly is suspected, including abnormal ultrasound or positive noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS), previous child with chromosomal abnormality, and history of recurrent pregnancy loss, the company said. This test will generate a report that includes whole-genome analysis to assess for SVs of diagnostic and prognostic value.

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