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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Illumina, Fujirebio, Tianlong, Telesis Bio, BioEcho Life Sciences

Illumina Connected Insights

Illumina has released Connected Insights, a cloud-based software for tertiary analysis of clinical next-generation sequencing data.

Connected Insights builds on the firm's Connected Software portfolio and is designed to streamline interpretation and reporting. The initial release supports somatic oncology applications. The software integrates third-party knowledgebases, including the Jackson Laboratory's Clinical Knowledgebase, to reduce turnaround time of clinical reporting.

Connected Insights is assay-agnostic and compatible with variant calling files (VCF) from any secondary analysis solution, including Illumina's Dragen secondary analysis. Connected Insights supports a wide range of DNA and RNA assays with VCF output, including targeted and comprehensive genomic profiling panels, whole-exome and whole-genome sequencing, and transcriptomic data from both tissue and liquid samples.

The product is undergoing beta testing in the US but is commercially available in a "limited number" of countries.

Fujirebio Lumipulse G ApoE4 and G Pan-ApoE Assays

Fujirebio has launched the Lumipulse G ApoE4 and G Pan-ApoE assays for research use only on the fully automated Lumipulse G Systems. These chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassays enable the quantitative measurement of the E4 isoform of the apolipoprotein E (ApoE4), specifically, and for all isoforms of the same protein (Pan-ApoE), respectively, in human plasma within just 35 minutes. The company said that researchers can use the assays to further investigate the clinical utility of ApoE protein quantification in Alzheimer's disease and related disorders on the Lumipulse G. This platform has the required throughput and meets the regulatory requirements to support possible future routine use of blood-based testing of these markers, Fujirebio added.

Tianlong GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor and Gentier Mini+ Real-Time PCR System

Tianlong of Xi'an, China, has globally launched the GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor and Gentier Mini+ Real-Time PCR System.

The GeneFlex system can form 16 x n different throughputs, enabling simultaneous extraction in different projects without manual interference. It features a sample processing volume of 200 μL to 500 μL, with larger sample volumes enabling a higher yield of nucleic acid. It also features precise temperature control with a range of 30° C to 120° C, a heating speed of 4° ±0.2 °C/s, temperature accuracy of ±1° C, and temperature uniformity of ≤1.0° C. This enables researchers to achieve reproducible results with high accuracy, the company said.

The Gentier Mini+ Real-Time PCR System is lightweight at 3.2 kg and features a 7-inch full-color LCD touchscreen monitor. It can perform fluorescence scanning of all 16 wells in 1 second, and has multiple interconnectivity methods, including network port, USB, and Wi-Fi, the company said.

Telesis Bio BioXp Select Kits

Telesis Bio, a San Diego-based synthetic biology company, has launched BioXp Select kits for the BioXp Automated Synthetic Biology Workstation. The BioXp Select DNA Cloning and Amplification Kit and the BioXp Select Plasmid Amplification Kit enable on-demand and automated synthesis and amplification of transfection-scale DNA, using customers' own DNA fragments or plasmid DNA, overnight and at the push of a button. The company noted that running these kits on the BioXp System can accelerate discovery, particularly in the areas of antibody discovery, cellular immunotherapy, and protein engineering.

BioEcho EchoLution FFPE DNA Kit

BioEcho Life Sciences has launched the EchoLution FFPE DNA kit for nucleic acid extraction.

The kit enables extraction from any formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sample for PCR, sequencing, and epigenetic analysis. The kit requires fewer steps and offers single-step purification, resulting in a protocol that is up to 70 percent faster than other kits on the market, according to the company.

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