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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Foundation Medicine, Cytek Biosciences, NimaGen, More

Foundation Medicine FoundationOne RNA

Roche subsidiary Foundation Medicine has launched its FoundationOne RNA test for clinical use in the US. The tissue-based RNA sequencing test detects cancer-related fusions across 318 genes and enables reporting of fusions in all solid tumors. Foundation noted that the test may be valuable for detecting fusions in certain cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, cholangiocarcinoma, sarcoma, thyroid cancer, and bladder cancer. The company originally made the test available in September 2023 for research and investigational use. FoundationOne RNA can now be added to FoundationOne CDx orders for even greater confidence in fusion detection, the company noted.

Cytek Biosciences Enhanced Small Particle Detection for Cell Analysis Systems

Cytek Biosciences has introduced an Enhanced Small Particle (ESP) detection option for its flagship Cytek Aurora and Cytek Northern Lights cell analysis systems. This optional upgrade enables the company's systems to detect subcellular materials, including extracellular vesicles, with high resolution and sensitivity, the company said. Flow cytometers typically have been unable to detect particles smaller than 500 nm, the company noted, limiting their use to the study of cells and larger particles. Now, particles as small as 70 nm can be studied label-free on Cytek's Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP) analyzers, allowing researchers to characterize the full emission spectra of small particles.

NimaGen EasySeq Full-Length 16S Library Prep Kit

Dutch sequencing technology firm NimaGen has launched its EasySeq full-length 16S library prep kit to enable full 16S rRNA sequencing for microbiome deconvolution and bacterial species ID within eight hours. Powered by reverse complement PCR, the singleplex assay generates one amplicon that can be sequenced on all Oxford Nanopore Technologies platforms using any ligation sequence kit. Depending on the required read depth, up to 96 samples can be multiplexed, according to the company's website. The kit can be used to directly amplify DNA from environmental, food, human, or animal-derived samples without the need for culture, NimaGen said.

Qlucore Insights

Swedish company Qlucore has released a new version of Qlucore Insights, a bioinformatics model to classify primary lung tumor samples and metastatic lung cancer lesions that was developed in collaboration with Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany. The new model assigns a sample to one of 18 subgroups. It is based on RNA data from more than 300 FFPE samples and was developed using AI-based machine learning techniques.

Dotmatics Geneious Cloud Workspace and Geneious Prime 2024

Boston-based scientific software firm Dotmatics has released Geneious Cloud Workspace and Geneious Prime 2024, both of which are designed to facilitate genomic data analysis and research.

Geneious Cloud Workspace enables scientists to collaborate across workstations and provides a unified view of their collective research data, the company said. The cloud-based software provides scalable and secure storage, enhances collaboration, and facilitates efficient data management across diverse data types and formats, Dotmatics added.

Geneious Prime 2024's features include a cloning validation tool and "Map to References" algorithm adviser, enhancing researchers' ability to quickly and precisely navigate complex genomic analyses, Dotmatics said.

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