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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Fluidigm, Waters, MicroGenDx, More

Fluidigm CyTOF XT

Fluidigm has launched CyTOF XT, the fourth generation of the company's CyTOF mass cytometry platform. The instrument offers a new level of automation through streamlined operation, automatic monitoring, and easier system management, according to the company's website. It features a chilled sample carousel that cools samples to between 4° and 8° C and holds 12 5-mL and one 15-mL sample tube. The platform can acquire up to 13 different samples and panels in a single batch run, and features automated resuspension of sample pellets and addition of normalization beads. Fluidigm noted that other features include easy daily setup, automated system tuning, and real-time signal optimization. The company also noted that the system offers a high level of data quality, with minimal to no background signal seen in detection channels; and no signal compensation or deconvolution required after data collection.

Waters SARS-CoV-2 LC-MS Kit

Waters has launched the research-use-only SARS-CoV-2 LC-MS Kit, which uses an orthogonal analytical method to directly detect and quantify SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid peptides. According to the company, testing has shown that researchers can achieve the analytical sensitivity required to detect and quantify low levels of three unique peptides derived from the SARS-CoV-2 NCAP protein, with data on the Xevo TQ-XS System showing a lower limit of quantitation of 3 amol/µL. Waters said this is made possible by using an anti-peptide antibody enrichment sample prep method and antibodies from SISCAPA Assay Technologies. Results can be captured with clean, low-noise chromatograms in less than two minutes per sample, Waters added. The kit has been optimized on both the Xevo system and the Acquity I-Class Plus System, the company said.

MicroGenDx OrthoKey Clinic and OrthoKey Surgery

MicroGen Diagnostics (MicroGenDx) has released the OrthoKey and OrthoKey Surgery workflows for diagnosing orthopedic infections.

OrthoKey integrates synovial fluid analyses for biomarkers and white blood cell count with other parameters needed to diagnose periprosthetic joint infections based on International Consensus Meeting diagnostic criteria. This evidence-based, algorithmic approach provides clinicians with the likelihood of infection with additional guidance on antimicrobial treatment through the analysis of 17 antimicrobial resistance genes, the company said. OrthoKey offers comprehensive, actionable diagnostic information in one to two days, followed by NGS identification of causative bacteria and fungi in three to five days, the company said.

OrthoKey surgery comprises the same workflow but includes the CaptiGen flat swab for absorption of microbial DNA, biofilm retrieval, and nucleic acid extraction.

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