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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Fluidigm, GenScript, Biognosys, More

Fluidigm Biomark X

Fluidigm has launched Biomark X, the latest generation of its Biomark microfluidic real-time PCR platform. Biomark X integrates the company's Juno microfluidic sample preparation platform with the company's current Biomark HD instrument into a single sample-to-answer platform, the company said. The integrated system can be used for a variety of applications including genotyping, sample ID, strain ID, conservation biology, personal genomics, gene expression, pathogen detection, pharmacogenomics assays, and transplant prognostics, according to Fluidigm. The platform also supports development and creation of custom assays, and the ability to scale the number of targets based on need. According to the company's website, Biomark X supports the company's 48.48 Dynamic Array Integrated Fluidic Circuit (IFC), enabling 2,304 reactions using 48 samples and assays; and the 96.96 Dynamic Array IFC, enabling 9,216 reactions using 96 samples and assays.

Fluidigm said the platform is in a phased launch with deliveries expected to commence in the first quarter of 2022.

GenScript GenWand Double-Stranded DNA Service

GenScript has launched the GenWand Double-Stranded DNA Service for the manufacture of CRISPR knock-in homology-directed repair templates in T cell engineering. Closed-end dsDNA enables researchers to perform gene knock-in with higher efficiency and lower toxicity than traditional PCR methods and is ideally suited for large-scale screening and scale-up in cell and gene therapy, the company said. The service manufactures covalently closed-end linear DNA to help increase the stability of dsDNA by limiting endonucleases' digestion of the dsDNA once entering cells. It also mitigates non-homologous end joining risk and increases knock-in accuracy when using CRISPR homology-directed repair machinery, GenScript said. Made via a proprietary production process, GenScript's dsDNA is available from micrograms to grams, and in 2-10 kb sequences. Various quality grades are available from research grade to basic GMP, the company said.

Biognosys Blood Biomarker Discovery Solution

Swiss proteomics firm Biognosys has launched its next-generation blood biomarker discovery solution as a contract research service. The service will search the complete plasma proteome to quantify up to 3,000 of the most relevant proteins and measure tens of thousands of peptide-level data points to provide a deep understanding of key disease pathways, Biognosys said. It can be applied across all biological species and to any other biofluid, such as cerebrospinal fluid or urine. In addition to the biofluid biomarker discovery service, an improved tissue biomarker discovery service is available, offering a depth of 10,000 proteins, the company said. Both services are based on Biognosys' proprietary Hyper Reaction Monitoring technology and optimized Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry workflow.

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