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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Exact Sciences, STRmix, Metabolon, Arralyze

Exact Sciences Riskguard Hereditary Cancer Test

Exact Sciences has launched its Riskguard hereditary cancer test in the US. A multi-gene assay, Riskguard uses a blood or saliva sample and provides an individualized patient report that includes gene-specific and familial risks for 10 common cancers, including colorectal, breast, prostate, skin, ovarian, endometrial, pancreatic, gastric, kidney, and endocrine tumors.

For patients already diagnosed with cancer, knowing about certain gene variants can help create personalized treatment plans for patients, Exact said. Riskguard also helps inform risk stratification for patients who have a family history of cancer by identifying changes in cancer-associated genes, the company added. The assay is covered by Medicare and by some private payors.

The laboratory-developed test is performed in Marshfield, Wisconsin, in the CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratories of PreventionGenetics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Exact Sciences. 


STRmix Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand's Institute of Environmental Science and Research, has launched STRmix NGS, forensic software that employs a fully continuous approach for interpretation of next-generation sequencing-generated short tandem repeat (STR) DNA profiles. This allows users to research the potential implementation and validation path of probabilistic genotyping alongside NGS chemistries and sequencing equipment, the company said. While not currently available for case work, STRmix NGS can help forensic laboratories understand future use of such evidence, the company said. The new product builds on STRmix software, which was launched in 2012 and uses well-established statistical methods to build millions of conceptual DNA profiles.

Metabolon Integrated Bioinformatics Platform

Metabolon has launched an integrated bioinformatics platform for metabolomics analysis. It offers a suite of tools and features including pathway analysis, biomarker lenses, principal component analysis, partial least squares-discriminant analysis, clustering, and volcano plots. According to the company, the new platform lets users manipulate complex analytics and large datasets effortlessly and accurately.

Arralyze CellShepherd

Arralyze, the life science arm of German company LPKF Laser & Electronics, has launched the CellShepherd single-cell analysis platform. The new platform features proprietary nanowell glass arrays that miniaturize cell-based assays while enabling real-time monitoring at the single-cell level. The platform autonomously and precisely dispenses samples into nanoliter glass wells and supports co-culturing under climate-controlled, sterile conditions. It also features real-time imaging through a brightfield microscope and three fluorescent channels and AI-driven analysis to accurately count and track cells and provide insights into various parameters, the company said.

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