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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Enpicom, Cardio Diagnostics, MediSapiens, More

Enpicom ImmunoGeniX Platform With Antibody Discovery Mode

Netherlands-based Enpicom has released its ImmunoGeniX (IGX) bioinformatics platforms with an antibody discovery module. The IGX platform is designed to manage, analyze, integrate, and visualize immune repertoire sequencing data in a single environment. It is technology-agnostic and code-free, and enables scientists to securely analyze immune repertoires, the company said. The new antibody discovery module applications are IGX-Cluster and IGX-Branch. IGX-Cluster groups sequences based on user-defined parameters such as CDR3 similarity, gene usage, and CDR3 length. It performs large clustering tasks in the cloud and supports a wide variety of workflows for both paired and unpaired receptor chains. Subsequently, IGX-Branch creates interactive visualizations to prioritize clusters and pick antibody candidates for follow-up analysis through information-rich phylogenetic trees.

Cardio Diagnostics Epi+Gen CHD Heart Disease Risk Assessment Test

Cardio Diagnostic has launched Epi+Gen CHD, a heart disease risk assessment test. Potential patients fill out a screening questionnaire that is reviewed by a board-certified clinician. If eligible for the test, a sampling kit is sent to the patient's home. After the sample is collected, it is shipped to a partner CLIA-certified lab for processing. After approval by a board-certified pathologist, the results are released to the ordering clinician for review and discussion with the patient. According to Cardio Diagnostics' website, the measures DNA methylation status at three specific loci and genotype at five loci. An artificial intelligence-guided algorithm interprets the results of the DNA methylation contextually with respect to the genetic variation, allowing it to interpret epigenetic signatures that would otherwise be confounded by background genetic variation, the company said.

MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite

MediSapiens has introduced MediSapiens Genomics Software Suite (GSS), an analytics platform that integrates genomic, phenotypic, and other clinical data from multiple sources. The cloud-based GSS platform can assist researchers in cohort building, risk scoring, and obtaining patient consent, according to the Finnish company. MediSapiens GSS can be used for population research, drug discovery, and personalized medicine.

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