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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Eclipsebio, Element Biosciences, Precipio

Eclipsebio eRibo Pro Service

Eclipsebio has launched its eRibo Pro service to identify differential transcription and translation as well as high-resolution mapping of ribosome positioning. Customers receive an interactive report with two data sets from a single sample: a ribosome-protected fragment library and an RNA-seq library. These data are intended to enable researchers to, for instance, quantify changes in transcription and translation in response to therapeutics, the San Diego-based company notes on its website. eRibo Pro incorporates exclusively licensed Ribo-seq technology developed by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, the company noted.

Element Biosciences Aviti FIT Suite

Element Biosciences has launched Aviti Fit, a suite of products to provide more flexibility on its Aviti instrument.

The Aviti LT (low-throughput) is an instrument configured to run only low- and medium-throughput sequencing kits. It can be upgraded later to run the full lineup of kits. New sequencing kits include a 1 billion-read 2x75 bp kit, 250 million- and 500 million-read 2x150 bp kits, and 300 million- and 100 million-read 2x300 bp kits. Some new kits will offer two individually addressable lanes.

The firm is also launching Elembio Cloud, an online platform for managing instruments, monitoring runs with real-time updates, and visualizing run metrics and data to gauge run performance.

Precipio Quantitative BCR-ABL 2.0 Panel

Precipio has launched its Quantitative BCR-ABL 2.0 panel for confirming a chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) diagnosis. According to the New Haven, Connecticut-based firm, CML patients have cells containing the BCR-ABL1 gene, which creates a hybrid protein resulting in uncontrolled cell division and genomic instability. The presence of the gene confirms CML diagnosis and can be used to monitor patients and their response to various therapies. The test provides quantitative coverage of four clinically relevant breakpoints, p.190, p.210, p.203, and p.230, and the panel comes with automated analysis software, Precipio said.

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