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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Ceres Nanosciences, Nonacus, Twist Bioscience

Ceres Nanosciences Nanotrap Extraction Advanced Technology (NEAT) Liquid Biopsy Kit

Ceres Nanosciences has launched the Nanotrap Extraction Advanced Technology (NEAT) Liquid Biopsy Kit, which uses Nanotrap hydrogel particles to capture and concentrate 50- to 800-bp cell-free DNA fragments from plasma samples while reducing genomic DNA contamination. The kit can be used with multiple types of blood collection tubes, uses plasma volumes of 1 ml to 4 ml, and is compatible with both automated and manual methods.

Nonacus Galeas Hereditary Plus Panel

Nonacus has launched a 146-gene next-generation sequencing panel to aid the detection of cancers that are caused by inherited genetic mutations. The firm said its Galeas Hereditary Plus panel combines an optimized wet lab workflow with proprietary bioinformatics software and reduces the need for multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification (MLPA) analysis to detect copy number variation mutations. The panel includes results for rare or difficult-to-detect inherited disorders such as Lynch syndrome, pheochromocytoma, and Wilms tumor. According to the UK-based firm, the test is compliant with guidelines from the Association for Molecular Pathology and European Society for Molecular Oncology, and it covers all genes in the UK's National Genomics Test Directory for genetic testing for rare and inherited disorders.

Twist Bioscience Express Genes Service

Twist Bioscience said it is expanding its Express Genes rapid synthesis service to include larger DNA preparations of up to 1 mg. The service now extends to midiprep (10 µg to 100 µg) and maxiprep (100 µg to 1 mg) DNA preparations. Turnaround times for these amounts start at eight business days. Twist Express Genes are 0.3 kb to 5.0 kb in length.

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