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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Bruker, Invivoscribe, Olink, More

Bruker TimsTOF TrueSCP and TimsTOF Pro 2

Bruker has launched two new TimsTOF instruments, the TimsTOF TrueSCP and TimsTOF Pro 2.

TimsTOF True SCP is the result of a collaboration with Evosep and the laboratory of Matthias Mann at Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. The platform can achieve fivefold higher ion transmission for data-independent dia-PASEF, or parallel reaction monitoring prm-PASEF methods, Bruker said. The dia-PASEF method has demonstrated true, unbiased 4D proteomics from single cells with quantitation of about 1,500 proteins/cell, in hundreds of isolated single cells ex situ, in combination with the Evosep One LC with Whisper flow technology. As such, the platform provides ultra-high sensitivity for unbiased single-cell proteomics after laser microdissection of cells, as well as ultra-sensitive neoantigen discovery in immuno-oncology research.

The TimsTOF Pro 2 is designed for robust, unbiased, deep, and quantitative 4D proteomics and 4D epiproteomics for plasma and tissue samples, and from cell culture, Bruker said. New design advances combined with enhanced data-PASEF, dia-PASEF, and prm-PASEF methods enable the detection of more than 6,000 proteins and more than 60,000 peptides by dda-PASEF with 60-minute gradients on 200 ng of digest, the company said. It also has new high-sensitivity methods that enable very good proteome coverage with 10-fold less digest, down to 20 ng, for more than 3,500 protein groups and more than 25,000 unique peptides using a 30-minute gradient. The dia-PASEF workflows on TimsTOF Pro 2 include an improved interface for designing experiments, and can now identify about 8,000 protein groups and 70,000 peptides in 60 minutes on 200 ng of digests, the company said.

Invivoscribe 12-Color Flow Cytometry Service

Invivoscribe has launched a 12-color multiparametric flow cytometry, or MFC, service in Shanghai, the newest reference laboratory in the company's international LabPMM network. The company noted that it can now offer the combination of 12-color flow cytometry and next-generation sequencing, or NGS, minimal residual disease assessment in blood cancers out of its labs in the US, Europe, and China. The addition of 12-color MFC to NGS eliminates the need to split primary subject specimens and have them tested in multiple labs, Invivoscribe said. It also allows the same pull of bone marrow to be tested using complementary technologies, so pharma partners can compare results from limited samples using targeted assays for drug development and clinical studies, the company noted.

Olink Signature Q100

Olink is now taking orders for the Olink Signature Q100 benchtop system for protein biomarker analysis. The system is designed for readout of Olink protein biomarker panels, which previously had been exclusively carried out using Fluidigm's BioMark instrument. The Olink Signature Q100, which will be manufactured by Fluidigm for Olink, is a dedicated platform that will enable researchers to run Olink kits more easily using as little as 1 uL of plasma or serum. The platform supports Olink Target 96 panels, which enable the relative quantification of 92 selected proteins across 90 samples simultaneously; Olink Target 48 Cytokine panels, which enable the analysis of 45 selected proteins across 40 samples simultaneously with optional absolute quantification of protein levels; and Olink Focus custom panels for up to 21 customer-selected proteins.

The company said that customers can pre-order Olink Signature as of June 2 with delivery expected in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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