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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Bionano Genomics, KromaTid, EditCo Bio

Bionano Genomics Computational Software Updates

Bionano Genomics has released what it called "major advancements" to its suite of computational tools for comprehensive cancer analysis. Updates to the company's Via software and Bionano Solve pipeline include enhanced detection of critical variants, automated analysis and interpretation of variants, and automated analysis and interpretation of variants. These updates aim to enhance the detection and interpretation of aneusomies and improve the analysis, visualization, interpretation, and reporting of data types including optical genome mapping, next-generation sequencing, and microarray for comprehensive assessment of hematological diseases, the company said.

KromaTid GLP Genomic Integrity Karyotyping Services

KromaTid this week introduced its GLP Genomic Integrity Karyotyping services. Developed in collaboration with KromaTid customers, the new services include a comprehensive analysis of all classes of genomic structural variants with the depth of analysis required to detect the low-frequency events that may occur in cell and gene therapy drug products, the company said. The analysis pipeline begins with unbiased G-band karyotyping based on measurements of both the donor and edited cells, providing information on genomic structural variants related to the editing and cell product expansion process in the same test. KromaTid then provides this data as a variance from the donor cells in its Genomic Integrity Pair-Wise Comparison Report.

EditCo Bio Knockout CD4+ T-Cell Pools

EditCo Bio recently launched its Knockout CD4+ T-cell Pools for CRISPR-mediated primary T-cell editing. The product features a seven-day protocol that uses EditCo Bio's multi-guide technology to achieve efficiencies of greater than 90 percent in primary human CD4+ T cells. Post-editing, CD4+ pools maintain over 80 percent viability before cryopreservation and can expand 40-fold over 14 days, regardless of TCR stimulation, the company said. After cryo-recovery, these cell pools exhibit remarkable functional integrity, matching control cells in IL2, IFNG, and TNFA protein production post-PMA/ionomycin stimulation, EditCo added. In addition, cultured cells retain over 90 percent viability and maintain editing efficiency for at least 14 days, the company said.

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