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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Bio-Rad, PerkinElmer, Ares Genetics, Purigen Biosystems, More

Bio-Rad Laboratories CFX Opus 96 Dx and CFX Opus 384 Dx Systems 

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched the CFX Opus 96 Dx System and CFX Opus 384 Dx System, real-time PCR detection systems that have been listed with the US Food and Drug Administration and received CE marking for in vitro diagnostic use. The CFX Opus 96 Dx features a fixed 96-well sample block and can multiplex up to five targets per well with reaction volumes ranging from 1 to 50 uL. The CFX Opus 384 Dx features a fixed 384-well sample block and can multiplex up to four targets per well with reaction volumes ranging from 1 to 30 uL. Both systems also feature the CFX Maestro Dx SE software which can connect up to four individual systems (mixed and matched) and provides data analysis such as allelic discrimination, endpoint analysis, gene expression, and quantification, according to the company’s website. 

Both systems are also registered with regulatory bodies for IVD use in Singapore and Canada, Bio-Rad said.

PerkinElmer/Honeycomb Biotechnologies Hive scRNAseq Solution 

PerkinElmer and Honeycomb Biotechnologies have commercially launched the Hive scRNAseq Solution for single-cell isolation analysis. The product is a portable, handheld device for the capture, storage, and RNA-seq library preparation of a diverse range of cell types, including fragile and labile cells such as granulocytes, nephrons, hepatocytes, and neurons, the companies said. Hive integrates sample capture and preservation into a single-use device, making it possible to collect samples from multiple sites and maintain sample integrity during storage, shipping, and processing from a central testing lab, which is particularly important for multicenter studies, the companies said. Cells are gently loaded by gravity in volumes up to 4 mL, enabling capture of fragile cell types and processing of sparse samples such as fine needle aspirates, cytobrushes, and flow-sorted cells.

Ares Genetics ARESCloud 

Ares Genetics, an OpGen subsidiary, has commercially launched ARESCloud, a web application aimed at accelerating the analysis of sequenced clinical isolates. The software fully automates data processing, from raw sequence data to report, and offers insights into epidemiologically and etiologically relevant information including pathogen identity, genotype, virulence, plasmids, and antimicrobial resistance. The news software also features tools for comparative and outbreak analysis. Under a simple subscription model users can access ARESdb, a proprietary knowledgebase containing comprehensive information on genetic and mutational AMR markers as well as advanced machine-learning models for the prediction of antibiograms directly from genomic data, the company said.

Purigen Biosystems: Ionic Tissue to Pure DNA Kit 

Purigen Biosystems has launched the Ionic Tissue to Pure DNA Kit. It allows users of the Ionic Purification System, a benchtop instrument for the automated extraction of nucleic acids, to obtain increased yields of high-quality DNA from fresh-frozen biological samples with an automated workflow. The kit consists of six chips and a reagent set with all needed enzymes and buffers to extract DNA from 48 samples.

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