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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Becton Dickinson, CosmosID, OncoDNA, More

Becton Dickinson FACSymphony A5 SE Cell Analyzer

Becton Dickinson has launched the FACSymphony A5 SE (Spectral Enabled) Cell Analyzer, a fluorescence-activated, spectral-enabled cell analyzer that allows researchers to choose between spectral or compensation-based cell analysis to meet different flow cytometry needs. The new SE analyzer is an enhancement to the company's existing FACSymphony A5 Cell Analyzer, and users of that platform can obtain software and hardware upgrades to enable spectral analysis.

Spectral flow cytometry represents an alternative data acquisition and analysis strategy to conventional flow cytometry, providing flexibility of fluorescent label inputs without having to change filters, as well as the ability to multiplex more fluorescent labels in one multicolor sample, BD said.

CosmosID-HUB: Microbiome

CosmosID has added a microbiome functional analysis module to its CosmosID-HUB taxonomic profiling software platform. As such, the company can offer customers both microbiome sequencing services out of its Germantown, Maryland laboratory as well as analysis of the genomic potential of microbial communities. The new module features direct links from the platform to the MetaCyc and GO terms databases; data import via direct upload; and Illumina BaseSpace and automated SRA import from NCBI with analysis speeds up to 19X faster than open-source tools. In addition, users can find an organism or gene/pathway of interest with search functions, exportable charts, and visualizations, CosmosID said.

OncoDNA: OncoXplore

OncoDNA has launched OncoXplore, a pan-cancer sequencing test for research that targets 635 cancer-related genes and evaluates biomarkers for precision oncology studies. The test analyzes FFPE tumor tissue or frozen tumor samples and reports tumor mutational burden, homologous repair deficiency, microsatellite instability, somatic mutations including SNPs and indels, and loss of heterozygosity. The NGS data are made available through the firm's cloud-based interactive Mercury software that enables the generation of customized reports.

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