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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Beckman Coulter, SeqWell, Elegen, BioSkryb, Spectrum Solutions

Beckman Coulter CytoFlex Nano Flow Cytometer

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, a Danaher company, has launched the CytoFlex Nano Flow Cytometer, a research-use-only platform that offers simultaneous multiparameter detection powered by six fluorescent detection channels and five side scatter channels. It provides laboratories with a first-of-its kind solution that lowers the limit of detection and increases resolution to characterize lower-abundance targets in heterogeneous extracellular vesicle populations between 1 μm and 40 nm (polystyrene when triggering on violet side scatter), BD said. The system also includes CytExpert instrument control software and multiple automatic onboard cleaning options to control sample-to-sample carryover and maintain a clean sample line, the company said.

SeqWell ExpressPlex HT Library Preparation Kit

SeqWell has launched the ExpressPlex HT library preparation kit. The product contains all the required reagents and indices to enable multiplexing of up to 6,144 samples in a pre-plated 384-well format. According to SeqWell, ExpressPlex HT uses a 90-minute workflow in a single master mix reaction enabling lower-cost, high-throughput sequencing of plasmids, amplicons, and other synthetic constructs used in synthetic biology.

Elegen Enfinia DNA With High-Complexity Sequences

Elegen has launched an enhancement to its Enfinia DNA to provide very high-complexity DNA sequences in as few as 10 business days.

The firm's sequence acceptance criteria now enable the synthesis of long linear double-stranded DNA that includes: inverted terminal repeats, including adeno-associated virus ITRs; difficult promoters and enhancers (e.g., R6K, CaMV 35S, SV40, IRES, and GAL4-UAS); hairpins up to 100 bp; A/T homopolymers up to 30 bp; G/C homopolymers up to 15 bp; short tandem repeats up to 60 bp; long repeats up to 150 bp, including lentivirus long-tandem repeats; 100 bp regions of 12 percent to 85 percent GC content; and greater flexibility on the position of complex regions.

BioSkryb ResolveDNA and ResolveOme Single-Cell Core Kits

BioSkryb has launched new versions of its ResolveDNA whole-genome amplification and ResolveOme whole-genome and whole-transcriptome single-cell kits. The Core kits now include library preparation and sequencing adapter sets, as well as amplification reagents. They are available in the US and Europe.

Spectrum Solutions SimplyPerio Saliva Test

Spectrum Solutions, a Salt Lake City-based saliva diagnostics company, has introduced SimplyPerio, which uses a proprietary molecular technology to test for and measure 16 periodontal bacteria, caries, fungal, and viral targets to guide treatment of periodontal disease. Patients can collect their own saliva sample, and the SimplyPerio patented blue buffer solution inside the collection device's cap stabilizes the samples at room temperature eliminating any special post-collection storage or shipping requirements. Tests are then sent to the company's CAP-accredited laboratory, which in turn delivers results to healthcare providers.

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