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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Beckman Coulter, Natera, Epigenica, Micronbrane Medical

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Biomek Echo One System

Danaher subsidiary Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has launched its Biomek Echo One system for high-throughput genomic sample preparation. The platform is intended to provide acoustic liquid handling options for genomic applications, including high-throughput isothermal DNA assemblies and library sample prep for next-generation sequencing. The new system combines the existing Echo 525 Acoustic Liquid Handler and the Biomek i7 Hybrid Workstation and can integrate with existing laboratory automation instrumentation. It can perform library preparation steps like extraction, fragmentation, ligation, normalization, and pooling, as well as requisite actions like centrifugation, shaking, and thermal incubation.

Natera Donor Quantity Score

Natera launched the Donor Quality Score (DQS), a new feature for its Prospera Heart product that normalizes for background total cell-free DNA. Prospera Heart with DQS combines the traditional donor cfDNA measurement and the new DQS into a two-threshold algorithm, delivering a single risk assessment for both antibody-mediated rejection and acute cellular rejection, with improved sensitivity, specificity, and negative predictive value, compared to traditional donor cfDNA fraction alone, Natera said.

Epigenica EpiFinder Genome

Sweden's Epigenica has unveiled its EpiFinder platform for high-throughput, multiplexed, quantitative ChIP-seq (chromatin immunoprecipitation with sequencing). The EpiFinder Genome kit targets up to eight markers in up to 24 samples or replicates for a total of 192 genome-wide profiles. The protocol takes three days with 14 hours of hands-on time. The kit requires inputs of 1 million cells per sample and is validated with both cells and tissue and with fixed samples. The kit also includes an open-source, custom-designed software for data analysis. The technology is based on ligation-sensitive amplification with coded adapter (LACODE), Epigenica said.

Micronbrane Medical PaRTI-Seq mNGS Scale Up Kits

Micronbrane Medical has launched Pathogen Real-Time Identification by Sequencing (PaRTI-Seq) Scale Up Kits for labs transitioning to metagenomic next-generation sequencing. Available in 48-reaction increments, PaRTI-Seq Kits are available in two types: PaRTI-Seq Lite features 48 Devin host depletion filters, a Unison ultralow DNA library prep kit, and PaRTI-Cular data downloads, while the PaRTI-Seq Research Kit includes Devin microbial enrichment, Unison ultralow DNA library kits, and PaRTI-Cular data downloads. The company said that PaRTI-Seq improves pathogen identification due to the combination of host depletion and metagenomic NGS-grade reagents, and that the kits can be used with any biological fluid sample.

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