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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: BD, Twist Bioscience, Genomic Testing Cooperative, More

BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter

Becton Dickinson has launched the BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter. Featuring the company's CellView image technology, it is the first cell sorter to combine advanced spectral flow cytometry with sort-capable image analysis, potentially enabling researchers to gather more accurate data and sort cells that previously could not be identified, the company claimed. The CellView technology captures images of individual cells flowing through the system and sorts them based on detailed microscopic image analysis of each one at high sort speeds. BD is introducing the new platform at the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry CYTO 2022 conference, held June 3-7.

Twist Bioscience Human Methylome Panel

Twist Bioscience has launched its human methylome panel, a target enrichment assay for next-generation sequencing. The 123-Mb panel uses hybrid capture to detect the most recently identified and relevant CpG methylation regions in the genome, covering 84 percent of CpG island sites. It achieves depth of coverage of 90 percent of bases at 30X coverage with 95 percent on-target rate for probes as well as high uniformity across target regions.

Genomic Testing Cooperative Liquid Trace

Genomic Testing Cooperative has launched Liquid Trace, a liquid biopsy assay that tests for both cell-free DNA and cell-free RNA. The test is currently available for clinical trials and pharma services and will be available for clinical use by Sept. 1, according to the company. GTC said that this improves the assay's sensitivity and provides transcriptome data that is enriched by various tumor markers (CA125, CA 15-3, CEA, etc.), making it possible to perform liquid immunoprofiling by evaluating levels of CD19, CD20, CD33, CD4, CD8, etc.

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