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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: BD, Bio-Techne, PhenomeX, Deepcell, Ozette, Telesis Bio, More

Becton Dickinson BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter

Becton Dickinson has launched the BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter for flow cytometry.

The instrument features BD CellView Image Technology to allow researchers to see detailed microscopic images of individual cells and sort at high speeds based on visual characteristics to confirm insights in real time. It also features BD SpectralFX Technology so researchers can achieve full-spectrum cell sorting coupled with a modular optical architecture and system-aware algorithms, to perform high-parameter experiments within a simplified workflow. The combination of these technologies expands capabilities for researchers, introducing the potential to aid research and cell-based therapeutic development across fields such as drug discovery, immuno-oncology, and genomics, BD said.

Bio-Techne RNAscope HiPlex12 Flex Kit

Bio-Techne has launched its RNAscope HiPlex12 Flex Kit for use with the Standard BioTools Hyperion Imaging System. The kit enables visualization of highly multiplexed RNA biomarkers using the Hyperion XTi or earlier models of the Hyperion Imaging System and allows for the simultaneous detection and quantification of more than 40 biomarkers from any tissue sample in a single imaging step. The multiomic workflow provides a method to incorporate Maxpar Antibodies from Standard BioTools during sample preparation and will enable users to illuminate changes in cell phenotypes and function across a wide range of diseases using standard formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue pathology slides, the company said.

PhenomeX Beacon Select Optofluidic System

PhenomeX has launched the Beacon Select optofluidic system with Opto B Discovery workflows form antibody discovery. These products are suitable for small to midsize biopharma companies and CDMOs/CROs, and enable researchers to conduct antibody screening to find lead candidates, PhenomeX said. This is in contrast to the company's four-chip Beacon system, which is optimized for higher-throughput screening at large biopharma companies and more established CDMOs/CROs, the company said. Beacon Select enables rapid function-first selection of single B cells with the best characteristics for any antibody application, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and reagents. In addition, the Opto B Discovery workflows are highly customizable to enable researchers to assess antigen and epitope specificity, species or variant cross-reactivity, and functional properties, all in a single-day workflow, the company said.

Deepcell REM-I Platform

Deepcell has launched the REM-I Platform, a high-dimensional cell morphology analysis and sorting platform comprising the REM-I benchtop instrument, Human Foundation Model, and Axon data suite. Deepcell said its technology has been used to capture and characterize more than 2 billion images of single cells across a large variety of cell types. The Human Foundation Model, a self-supervised deep learning model trained on a subset of these unlabeled cellular images from a range of carefully selected biological samples, characterizes brightfield single-cell images captured on the REM-I instrument and generates high-dimensional embedding data. Researchers can use the Axon data suite to access, visualize, and analyze these data in real time and sort their cell groups of interest into up to six outlets on the REM-I instrument, the company said. Potential application areas include cancer biology, developmental biology, stem cell biology, gene therapy, and functional screening, Deepcell added.

Ozette Assay-to-Insights

Seattle-based cell- and immune-analysis company Ozette has launched its Assay-to-Insights product, which combines three company-developed technologies: Ozette Laboratory, Ozette Endpoints, and Ozette Discovery. The Ozette Laboratory, under GCLP guidelines, generates full-spectrum cytometry data using the company's 48-color pan-immuno-phenotype panel. Ozette Endpoints provides rapid computational monitoring of predefined biomarker endpoints, while Ozette Discovery enables unbiased discovery and annotation of this single-cell cytometry data. The Ozette platform is cloud-based, allowing research teams to interact with and explore cytometry data in a central dashboard. The company said its combined product provides clinically relevant insights from single-cell cytometry data and supports the entire development cycle of a therapy, from preclinical research through FDA approval.

Telesis Bio BioXp NGS Library Prep Kit for Plasmid Sequencing

Telesis Bio has launched the BioXp NGS library prep kit for plasmid sequencing. Using the automation capability of the company's BioXp platform, the new kit is expected to enable researchers using high-throughput discovery workflows to reduce hands-on time, cost, and the number of steps involved in next-generation sequencing library preparation.

Zymo Research Full-Length 16S Sequencing Service

Zymo Research has launched a full-length 16S rRNA gene sequencing service for microbiome analysis. The new service will be performed using the latest sequencing platforms by Pacific Biosciences. By combining PacBio's HiFi sequencing accuracy with Zymo's bias-free sample processing, the company said it is hoping to attract agricultural and environmental customers with high-volume samples as well as researchers conducting clinical and academic studies.

Nvidia Parabricks 4.1

Nvidia this week released version 4.1 of its Parabricks sequencing analysis software. The update, which the company previewed at its semiannual developers' conference in March, adds a tool for retraining Google's DeepVariant to suit individual datasets, allowing for more accurate variant calling. The new version also features a first-ever workflow for long-read data from Pacific Biosciences sequencers.

Spatial Genomics Gene Positioning System (GenePS)

Spatial Genomics has launched Gene Positioning System, GenePS, an automated instrument for spatial genomics experiments. According to the company, GenePS is easy to use and has high detection efficiency and background rejection. It can be run with custom panels ranging from the hundreds to more than 1,000 genes and offers multiomic options, according to the company's website.

Almac Diagnostic Services ClaraT Update

Almac Diagnostic Services has made updates to ClaraT, its gene expression data-analysis tool for cancer research and biomarker discovery. The update includes 16 new gene expression signatures for cancer, improved functionality with online data access, and simplified reporting through an interactive dashboard.

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