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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: Adaptive Biotechnologies, Amazon, Thermo Fisher, More

Adaptive Biotechnologies ClonoSeq With IGHV Mutation Status

Adaptive Biotechnologies has launched an enhanced version of its ClonoSeq B-cell Clonality (ID) report, which will now feature the immunoglobulin heavy chain – V mutation status for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. ClonoSeq is the first and only in vitro diagnostic cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration to detect and monitor minimal residual disease in blood or bone marrow from patients with CLL. Moving forward, all ClonoSeq B-cell Clonality (ID) reports will automatically include IGHV mutation status, which has been shown to be prognostic of outcomes. Guidelines from both the National Comprehensive Cancer Network and the International Workshop on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia recommend testing for the IGHV mutation in the upfront evaluation of newly diagnosed CLL patients.

Although ClonoSeq is FDA-approved, the IGHV mutation status aspect of the assay is being offered as a CLIA-validated lab-developed test.

AWS Amazon Genomics CLI

Amazon Web Services has released Amazon Genomics CLI, an open-source software tool for managing and processing large-scale genomics data on the AWS cloud. The tool is meant to improve integration of a wide range of popular bioinformatics software with AWS services, including the Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon DynamoDB, and the Amazon Simple Storage Service. While Genomics CLI itself is free, users must pay for any AWS resources the software creates.

Thermo Fisher Scientific SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched the Thermo Scientific SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit, which is designed to safely collect saliva for research. The kit preserves viral nucleic acids in a nonhazardous stabilization solution that inactivates common respiratory viruses for safer sample collection, the company said. It comes with an easy-to-use, spill-resistant funnel, a screw cap to secure the sample after collection, and a standardized size tube that fits into viral RNA extraction automation workflows for high-throughput sample processing.

The stabilized solution is nonhazardous, does not contain guanidinium to avoid interaction with bleach, and is compatible with all disinfection protocols. The stabilization agent preserves nucleic acid in saliva samples at ambient temperature for up to 14 days for RNA and viral nucleic acid, and up to two years for gDNA.

The new kit also complements Thermo Fisher's SpeciMAX Saliva Collection Kit for raw saliva, which the company released in June. Both products come individually packaged and barcoded, require just 1 mL of saliva, and are a standardized 6 mL size.

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