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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: 10x Genomics, Fugent, Pataigin, More

10x Genomics Chromium X Platform

10x Genomics has announced pre-ordering for its Chromium X Series, a higher-throughput version of its single-cell analysis platform.

The Chromium X can deliver routine million-cell experiments at costs as low as $.02 per cell, according to the company. The firm expects instruments to ship later this quarter. The Chromium X Series is compatible with all of the company's existing low-throughput and standard single-cell assays and is supported by the 10x Genomics Cloud Analysis offering for data management, analysis, and collaboration. The series includes the Chromium iX, an instrument that runs tens of thousands of cells per run, but which can be upgraded to the higher-throughput model.

Fugent FuGene SI Transfection Reagent

Fugent has released its first transfection reagent for the delivery of RNA molecules. The new FuGene SI Transfection Reagent was engineered to provide researchers more efficient delivery of siRNA, miRNA, and other similar short RNAs into human and animal cells, the company said. The novel, multi-component transfection reagent allows researchers to obtain robust gene silencing while utilizing low amounts of siRNA and reagent. Key applications of the new reagent include gene silencing, siRNA library screens, miRNA delivery, and short RNA delivery, Fugent said.

Pataigin BACLIB Rapid Lipid Extraction Kit

Pataigin has introduced the research-use-only BACLIB Rapid Lipid Extraction Kit for microbial identification and colistin resistance detection, compatible with Bruker MALDI mass spectrometers. The kit can be used to identify bacterial species in about 30 minutes with a single assay involving less than a minute of hands-on time per sample, with no centrifugation or complex handling steps. The kit also identifies and determines colistin resistance for all the ESKAPE pathogens and includes access to custom software for ID/resistance determination.

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