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New Products Posted to GenomeWeb: 10x Genomics, Element Biosciences, Myriad Genetics, More

10x Genomics: Barcode-Enabled Antigen Mapping (BEAM)

10x Genomics has launched Barcode-Enabled Antigen Mapping (BEAM,) a kit for antibody and T-cell receptor discovery on the company's Chromium single-cell immune profiling platform. The kit provides hundreds of antigen-receptor pairs with single-cell gene expression data, and is designed to enable screening of multiple antigens against thousands of B or T cells to identify novel and rare antigen-specific repertoires. 10x is accepting preorders for BEAM and expects to begin shipping in December.

Element Biosciences LoopSeq Long-Read Sequencing Kits

Element Biosciences announced the availability of LoopSeq long-read sequencing kits for its Aviti instrument. LoopSeq provides synthetic long reads up to 5 Kb. Applications include microbial, mRNA isoform, oncogene fusion, and immune repertoire sequencing. The kits come in two configurations, both of which can run up to 96 samples: AmpliconLoopSeq for any amplicon or long double-stranded DNA and 16S LoopSeq for full-length 16S gene sequencing. Element is accepting orders now and plans to ship kits in early December.

Myriad Genetics: UroSuite

Myriad Genetics launched UroSuite, a suite of prostate cancer genetic risk assessment tests. The suite includes the Polaris Prostate Cancer Test, MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Test, BRACAnalysis CDx, and Precise Tumor Molecular Profile Test. UroSuite enables providers to order multiple Myriad tests and receive a one-sheet summary of results through an online portal, use Myriad's Precise Treatment Registry health data platform, and connect with genetic counselors and clinical experts.

Qlucore Omics Explorer 3.8

Qlucore has released version 3.8 of its Omics Explorer software, featuring new functionality for importing data and analyzing single-cell sequences. Notably, Omics Explorer is now able to import H5 files to simplify data visualization and now supports UMAP plots and data clustering.

BC Platforms: Trusted Collaboration Environment

BC Platforms has introduced a secure cloud computing platform called the Trusted Collaboration Environment (TRE) to provide open workspaces for drug discovery based on the principle of trusted research environments. The firm has also released an update to version 7 of its BC Insight open discovery and analytics platform, including cohort-building tools and automated data-release approval processes.

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