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Molecular Health, Guardian Research Network to Provide Clinical Trial Access, Decision Support for Oncology

NEW YORK(GenomeWeb) – The Guardian Research Network and Molecular Health are collaborating to provide US-based cancer patients with access to therapeutic clinical trials and molecular diagnostic decision support.

The Guardian Research Network is currently forming a consortium of large community-based health systems that will use Molecular Health's products to identify subpopulations of patients for clinical trials from larger cohorts comprised of hundreds of thousands of patients. Specifically, the consortium will utilize Molecular Health's TreatmentMAP 613 gene molecular profile and clinical decision support system as its preferred platform. Also, the Guardian Research Network will use Molecular Health's InsightMAP and OutcomesMAP products to support clinical trial matching, patient stratification, and cohort analytics, the partners said.

The partnership will enable physicians in the Guardian Research Network provide patients with the right drugs and the right combinations of drugs that best treat their cancers, Molecular Health CEO Lutz Voelker said in a statement. "We are excited to partner with the Guardian Research Network to rapidly identify molecular subpopulations of patients who might benefit from a specific clinical trial," he said.

It will also give a larger number of patients access to genomic profiling technologies as well as clinical trial drugs that could cure their cancers, Timothy Yeatman, President of the Guardian Research Network, added.