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Modell Foundation, Veritas Strike Deal to Test Thousands for Primary Immunodeficiency

NEW YORK – The Jeffrey Modell Foundation has struck an agreement with health and wellness testing company LetsGetChecked's genomics arm to test thousands of children worldwide for primary immunodeficiency disorders, the organizations announced Tuesday.

The Jeffrey Modell Foundation, a not-for-profit named for Jeffrey Modell, who passed away from complications of a primary immunodeficiency disorder at age 15, supports early diagnosis and treatment development for the condition. There are more than 300 primary immunodeficiency disorders, rare genetic conditions in which the immune system doesn't work correctly.

As part of the collaboration, more than 900 physician members who are part of the Jeffrey Modell Centers Network will be able to offer genomic sequencing services from Veritas, a company that LetsGetChecked acquired last year, to patients suspected of having a primary immunodeficiency to identify possible genetic mutations.

The goal is to test thousands of children and provide early diagnosis and treatment.

"The diagnostic journey for patients with a PI is long and can take them to numerous pediatric specialists before a specific genetic diagnosis and treatment may be offered," said Luis Izquierdo, chief medical officer at Veritas, in a statement.