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Enpicom Raises €1.2M to Support Immunogenomics Platform Development

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Dutch bioinformatics company Enpicom has raised €1.2 million ($1.4 million) from a Series A investment round that it will use to finalize the development and launch of a new iteration of its repertoire sequencing data analysis platform.

Investors in this round are BOM Brabant Ventures, Nextgen Ventures, and Arches Capital, Enpicom said.

Enpicom CEO Jos Lunenberg said in an email that the company will use the funds to launch a cloud-based version of its ImmunoGenomix (IGX) platform, which is used for managing, storing, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting clone sequencing data from T and B cell receptor repertoires. The company plans to unveil the latest installment of its platform next month at the Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference in Vienna, Austria.

Enpicom launched two applications for T cell receptor and B cell receptor reconstruction and quantification last year that will be available on the cloud-based version of IGX, Lunenberg said. The company plans to release additional apps and modules that offer different functionality including ready-to-use combinations of apps for specific tasks such as treatment monitoring of cancer vaccines and patient stratification for checkpoint inhibitors. Lunenberg also said that the current version of IGX is intended for research use only, but the company is in the process of validating it for clinical use as well.

In December, Enpicom and Glycostem Therapeutics received a grant to develop technology for predicting the outcomes of NK-cell-based immunotherapies on patients with locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors. Enpicom is also a member of the Immunomonitor consortium, which was awarded $2.3 million in grant funding last year to clinically validate an immune sequencing analysis solution for monitoring treatment responses to cancer vaccines.