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Element Biosciences Partners With 10x Genomics, Fabric Genomics, Sentieon, Google, Genoox

This story has been updated to include information about Element's partnership with Genoox.

NEW YORK – Element Biosciences said on Monday that it has partnered with 10x Genomics, Fabric Genomics, Sentieon, and Google on singe-cell and spatial genomics applications, clinical sequencing applications, variant calling, and rare disease research, respectively, for its upcoming Aviti sequencer. On Tuesday, it announced another partnership with Genoox.

Specifically, Element will work with 10x to integrate Aviti with 10x's Chromium and Visium platforms.

With Fabric, Element will explore commercialization of clinical sequencing with Fabric's Enterprise clinical interpretation. "Two initial studies confirmed the ability of the Aviti system to identify pathogenic variants in targeted panels and whole-genome sequencing cases as well as its seamless workflow compatibility with Fabric’s clinical interpretation platform," the firm said in a statement.

With Sentieon and Google's DeepVariant, Element will collaborate on variant calling and data analysis. "The DeepVariant and Sentieon teams have evaluated Element data and generated Element-specific machine learning models," Element said in a statement. "Element will continue to work with both teams to further improve quality and ease of use. Customers who purchase an Element instrument will be offered a six-month Sentieon license to process Element data at no cost," Element said in a statement.

With Genoox, Element will collaborate on a study of the clinical potential of whole-genome sequencing with the Aviti sequencer for rare and undiagnosed disease research. In a pilot study, researchers used Genoox's Franklin interpretation platform to identify high confidence candidate variants in five out of ten patients with a rare eye disease.

Financial and other terms of the deals were not disclosed.

"We are excited to see a new sequencing technology," Andrew Carroll, genomics product lead at Google, said in a statement. "We've observed high data quality with our existing methods, and further improvements with retrained approaches. We've seen especially good performance at lower coverages, which suggests Element may have some read-level accuracy advantages."

Ahead of launching the Aviti sequencer next month, Element has been partnering to integrate the instrument with existing next-generation sequencing products.

The new partners join Roche, Agilent Technologies, New England Biolabs, Qiagen, Watchmaker Genomics, Dovetail Genomics, and Jumpcode Genomics.