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Co-Diagnostics Inks Agreement with Biosearch for Primer-Dimer Technology

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Co-diagnostics today announced an agreement to allow Biosearch Technologies to make and use the firm's CoPrimers technology, as well as market and sell it to research institutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sandy, Utah-based Co-Diagnostics will also grant Biosearch a license to use CoPrimers in the firm's own research and development. Biosearch has also agreed to help customers find the optimal primer sets for a given research application.

CoPrimers technology increases PCR sensitivity while lowering costs by reducing the occurrence of primer-dimers without the need for a hot start, Co-Diagnostics said in a statement.

"The cooperative primer strategy, as developed by Co-Diagnostics' Brent Satterfield, provides a fresh opportunity to solve the primer-dimer problem," Biosearch CEO Ron Cook said in a statement. "Biosearch excels at the manufacture of such complex oligos and hopes that the availability of CoPrimers will further expand the utility of PCR."

Co-Diagnostics acquired the cooperative primer technology from DNA Logix in January 2014.

In November 2014, Biosearch launched a quantitative real-time PCR design website called qPCR Design Lab.