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Aviv Scientific Closes $40M Series B Financing Round

NEW YORK – Israeli company Aviv Scientific said on Wednesday that it has closed an oversubscribed $40 million Series B funding round.

The Series B round was led by Israeli public medical services conglomerate Danel, with participation by the Deep Insight Fund, high-tech angel investors and entrepreneurs in Israel, and international "longevity and healthspan-optimization focused" investors, the company said.

Aviv, which specializes in research and clinical treatment of age-related cognitive and functional decline, said it will use the funds to accelerate the rollout of its network of medical clinics, as well as the development of its Aviv Aging Database — a comprehensive repository of omics data detailing the aging process in healthy adults, which Aviv believes can be used to develop therapeutics and other approaches to improve human health and extend lifespan.

The database will be composed of longitudinal and comprehensive phenotype and genotype data from normal and pathological adults. Neurocognitive, physiologic, biomarker, and genetic evaluation data will be collected using designated assessments at specific time points, along with continuous monitoring through wearable devices and home-based applications, the company said.

Aviv's focus on age-related cognitive and functional decline has also led the company to develop novel applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, to maximize human performance. The firm is developing a global network of clinics that will deliver a personalized treatment called the Aviv Medical Program, in which a three-month regimen is designed and administered to improve the aging process in healthy adults.

The company noted it completed a pivotal study in late 2020, in which it said it was able to show a reversing of the aging process in healthy humans, using HBOT to lengthen telomeres and reduce senescent cells while also demonstrating cognitive enhancement in healthy adults. In addition to developing the omics database, Aviv intends to use the Series B funding to expand its clinics in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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