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ROCKVILLE, Md, Nov 16 – Publication of the public and private versions of the sequenced human genome will occur early next year, Richard Mural, senior staff scientist at Celera Genomics, said Thursday. Mural told GenomeWeb that he expects Celera to

MACCABIM, Israel, Nov 16 – Israeli start-up Glycominds has developed a new platform for the systematic study of glycans, complex carbohydrates that bind with proteins and lipids to determ

ROCKVILLE, Md, Nov 16 - Michael Waterman, considered by many to be the father of computational biology, will begin working with Celera Genomics as the company’s first fellow. Speaking Thursday at an event honoring his appointment, Waterman said he would likely work on SNPs as w

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NEW YORK, Nov 16 – Amersham Pharmacia Biotech said Thursday it has sold a Sniper SNP analysis system to the University of Washington under an early access agreement.

NEW York, Nov. 16 – Lexicon Genetics has sublicensed aspects of its proprietary knockout mouse technology to Eli Lilly, the company announced Thursday.

This story has been updated from a previous version. ROCKVILLE, Md, Nov 16 - Scott Patterson said T

NEW YORK, Nov 15 – Aclara Biosciences third-quarter revenues inched up just one percent, while costly litigation and other expenses drove losses up sharply, the company said Wednesday.  &

NEW YORK, Nov 15 – Roche Bioscience said Wednesday it had validated a mouse genotyping tool that could help to speed the development of new genomics-based diagnostic tools and treatments.

NEW YORK, Nov 15 - Paradigm Genetics and Lion Bioscience said Wednesday that they have entered a five-year deal to jointly develop and market a new plant and fungal metabolic profiling database.

NEW YORK, Nov 15 – Oxford Gene Technologies sued Affymetrix for patent infringement because it wants to open up the microarray market to a greater number of competitors, OGT found

NEW YORK, Nov 15 - The Monument Funds Group of Bethesda, Md., on Wednesday announced the launch of a new mutual fund that will invest in “post-sequencing” genomics companies.

NEW YORK, Nov 14 – Deltagen filed a Federal antitrust countersuit against Lexicon Genetics Tuesday, in connection with the patent infringement lawsuit Lexicon has filed against it in the U.S. District court for the District of Delaware.

NEW YORK, Nov 14 - Several months after announcing the establishment of a $100 million war chest to fight for a foothold in the genomics sector, IBM has embarked on its latest effort to win new business. Big Blue is now conducting extensive market surveys and customer focus groups to

NEW YORK, Nov 14 – Packard BioScience said Tuesday that it had licensed an expansive gene expression-profiling patent from Xenometrix that covers use of microarray technology.

NEW YORK, Nov 14 – DeCode Genetics’ third quarter revenues surged 57.1 percent, pushed higher by revenues stemming from its collaboration with Roche, the population-genomics company reported Tuesday.

NEW YORK, Nov 14 – Incyte has signed a three-year agreement with Galapagos Genomics to develop and market an adenoviral gene expression platform, the companies announced Tuesday.

NEW YORK, Nov 13 – Oxford Glycosciences has registered a proposed US equity offering of 150 million pounds sterling - or $215 million - with the Securities and Exchange Commission

NEW YORK, Nov 13 - SC Biosciences, a subsidiary of Japan’s $103 billion trading giant Sumitomo, has penned a deal to explore market opportunities for Viaken’s informatics products and services in Japan, the companies announced Monday.

NEW YORK, Nov 13 – Gemini Genomics reported zero revenue for the second quarter ending Sept. 30 and does not expect to report any sales until the first half of fiscal year 2001.

NEW YORK, Nov 10 –Responding to a jury's finding that it infringed on Oxford Gene Technology’s microarray patents, Affymetrix has filed a motion for the judge to throw o

NEW YORK, Nov 10 – Due to a widening customer base for its Discovery Manager software platform, Genomica reported revenues of $409,000 for the third quarter Friday, up from $233,000 for the year-ago quarter.

NEW YORK, Nov 10 – A jury delivered a mixed verdict in Oxford Gene Technology’s US patent infringement lawsuit against Affymetrix Friday, holding that Affymetrix did not willfully or

NEW YORK, Nov 10 - Packard Bioscience said Friday its new Asian subsidiary, to be based in Hong Kong would focus on selling instrumentation and products to companies focused on validating the importance of Chinese medicine. " In the re

NEW YORK, Nov 10 – Following its August acquisition of NEN life sciences, PerkinElmer is expanding its European life sciences sales force 15 percent while “consolidating” its European operations, the company said Friday. “We think the European mark


Using DNA to sketch crime victims might not be a great idea, the NYTimes says.

Science has its own problem with sexual harassment. What do we do with the research these abusers produce, Wired asks.

Senate Republicans led by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) are trying to change how the government funds basic research, reports ScienceInsider.

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