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NEW YORK, June 11 - NetGenics has been selected by Schering AG to build a corporate-wide gene database, the company announced on Monday.

NEW YORK, June 11 - Johns Hopkins University and The Jackson Laboratory, a non-profit mammalian genetics research center, have signed multi-year subscriptions to Ce

NEW YORK, June 11 - NetGenics has been selected by Schering AG to build a corporate-wide gene database, the company announced on Monday.

NEW YORK, June 8 – S-Star, a global organization of six universities, just launched the first stage of what may eventually be a fully accredited series

NEW YORK, June 8 – The National Center for Genome Resources said Friday it has received funding totaling $839,000 for three separate projects from the N

NEW YORK, June 8 – The fruits of the first collaboration between the US Department of Agriculture’s Agriculture Research Service and The Institute

NEW YORK, June 8 – What would you do if you had all the money in the world to build a proteomics company?

NEW YORK, June 8 - Five academic research centers have purchased Sequenom's MassArray system for genotyping analysis, the company said Friday.

NEW YORK, June 8 - Beyond Genomics has hired Eric Neumann, formerly a vice president at 3 rd  Millennium, to the position of vice preside

LIFE IN the genomics world changes quickly.

NEW YORK, June 7 - The proteomics market is expected to experience fivefold growth over the next four years, increasing from a $561-million market to a $2.8-billion market by 2005, Front Line Strategic Management Consulting said Thursday in a report.

NEW YORK, June 7 - BioWisdom of Cambridge, UK, said Thursday it had hired Julie Barnes as director of life sciences, effective June 25.

NEW YORK, June 7 – LaunchCyte, a Pittsburgh-based life sciences incubator, announced Thursday two deals to develop and commercialize technologies developed at area universities.

NEW YORK, June 7 – In a continuing effort to position itself within the drug discovery arena, Sequenom on Thursday announced collaboration with German-based Morphochem to discover and develop drugs for type 2 diabetes and cancer treatment.

NEW YORK, June 7 - George Stafford, director of research at Thermo Finnigan, is regarded as one of the great minds behind ion trap mass spectrometry (MS).

NEW YORK, June 7 – Bruker Daltonics will exclusively license MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry technology from Indiana University, and grant Applied Biosystems a sublicense to the technology, the companies said Thursday.  The patented te

NEW YORK, June 7 - Roche scientists said Thursday that a new computational approach they have developed was applied successfully to identify regions of the mouse genome responsible for susceptibility to disease traits.  The new app

NEW YORK, June 6 – Scientists at Structural Genomix published the structures of three proteins associated with bacterial virulence in Wednesday’s issue of the journal Structure,  providing a detailed example of the company’s approach to solving protein struct

NEW YORK, June 6 – Lion Bioscience reported revenues for the 2001 fiscal year of 23.3 million euros ($19.9 million) Wednesday, more than double the previous year’s revenues of 10.2 million euros.

NEW YORK, June 6 - Luminex has licensed its LabMap technology to Research & Diagnostics systems, a company that specializes in assays for cytokines and related molecules, Luminex said Wednesday. Under the agreement, R&D

NEW YORK, June 6 – Genicon Sciences, a company that develops a light-based technology for development of biological interactions, announced Wednesday it had raised $5 million in a private financing, following on the heels of a $27 million financing

NEW YORK, June 6 - Orchid Biosciences said Wednesday it planned to sell $33.3 million worth of common stock to a number of private investors as part of an effort to shore up its cash reserves and launch new products.

This story has been updated from a previous version. NEW YORK, June 6 – Amersham Pharmacia Biotech announced Tuesday an agreement to supply their Ettan proteomics system to Dallas' Center for Biotechnology and Bioinf

NEW YORK, June 6 – In the first joint sale announced since their $5.5 million legal settlement, Genomic Solutions and PerkinElmer said Wednesday they had sold the GeneTac biochip system to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India.


Two researchers have found that behavioral genetic defenses in criminal cases don't tend to affect outcomes, according to Popular Science.

Researchers report that while host genetics influence the oral microbiome, they don't appear to affect cavity-causing microbes, the Economist says.

Pandas' gut microbiomes change as what they eat changes with the seasons, writes Discover's Inkfish blog.

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