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To realize President Biden's goal of eradicating cancer, Sharpless said NCI should focus on improving early screening, access to trials, and development of advanced drugs.

Sequence data on more than 800 farm or wastewater Enterobacteriaceae isolates suggested pangenome dynamics may be influenced by geography and environmental niches.

With gut microbiome data for individuals sampled four years apart, researchers saw stable and unstable gut microbial species, including those linked to host phenotypes.

Researchers said that the score further may identify patients whose treatment resistance may be overcome with combination strategies targeting certain cells.

The lawsuit didn't start as a fight between 10x Genomics and Bio-Rad Laboratories, but it will add another chapter to the long feud between them.

Novacyt noted that it generated $98.5 million in the first quarter of 2021, about half of which came from sales to the DHSC.

The researchers still found, though, that chronic pain in men and women is genetically correlated.

The program is part of a 10-year initiative focused on establishing the frameworks and infrastructure to roll out precision medicine throughout the country.

As a new clinical affiliate, Invitae will test up to 25,000 patients in a study exploring the role of genetics in cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.

The technology vendor and the PBM will offer a bundled platform to help guide cancer patients to the most appropriate treatments.

Hologic intends to invest in assay development for Mobidiag's Novodiag PCR platform, which provides high-level multiplexing to detect infectious disease organisms.

The company is developing bioinformatics and DNA microarray technologies for identifying epigenetic biomarkers of health and aging.

Most cancer types analyzed harbored one or more subclonal populations, which could pose a clinical challenge, the researchers said.

A pair of new studies focus on two modern human populations with recent Neanderthal mixing that lived in Europe around 45,000 or more years ago.

The reissuance will continue the initiative's focus on proteogenomic research and applying proteogenomics to understanding cancer drug response and resistance.

The two firms will use their sequencing and informatics technologies to develop personalized cancer vaccines targeting patients' unique neoantigens.

The Harvard spinout will use the proceeds to commercialize its Merscope technology for spatial transcriptomics and increase manufacturing capacity.

CA Healthcare Acquisition, a special purpose acquisition company, said the transaction will support the development of LumiraDx’s pipeline of more than 30 assays.

The Swedish bioinformatics firm sees its greatest growth potential in precision cancer diagnostics as it prepares to go public in the next 12 months.

The Israeli-based startup will use the funds to continue development of its EpiCheck methylation platform and to develop the Lung EpiCheck assay.

The company's test uses self-collected saliva samples from potential parents to assess their future child's genetic predisposition to various diseases.

Using genome, exome, or transcriptome sequences from dozens of uterine leiomyosarcoma samples, researchers found alterations that may respond to existing targetable treatments.


Researchers are developing a breath test to determine how severe patients' methylmalonic acidemia disease is, FierceBiotech reports.

NPR reports that vaccine developers are working on SARS-CoV-2 vaccines that are easier to store or administer than the current crop.

Reuters reports that France is to recommend that people under 55 who received one dose of AstraZeneca's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine receive a different vaccine for their second dose.