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You'll Have to Buy Your Own Bics Now

Doctors and medical researchers should not accept drug samples, gifts, or money from drug and medical device companies, says a report from the Institute of Medicine, which is part of the National Academy of Sciences. The New York Times adds that drug companies spend billions of dollars on "giving doctors free drug samples, free food, free medical refresher courses and payments for marketing lectures." The report advocates more transparency and disclosure, outlined here. "Disclosure is a necessary first step, but it is a limited first step," committee chair Bernard Lo from UCSF tells Science Progress. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), who has co-sponsored legislation requiring drug and device makers to disclose payments to doctors, says to the Times, "It's a shot in the arm to the reform movement to have the prestige and policy heft of the Institute of Medicine on the side of transparency. The more disclosure, the better, for holding the system accountable and building public confidence in medical research and practice."