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Yo Momma's Genome

File this under "sentences we never thought we'd type:" If you haven't checked out the "YoMammasGenomeSoFat" hashtag on Twitter, you should really stop whatever you're doing right now and take a look.

Yes, the life sciences community is trying its collective hand at "Yo Momma" jokes, and, what do you know, it turns out applying genomics geekery to insult comedy is a lot of fun.

For instance, from @pdoofus: "#YoMammasGenomeSoFat her introns don't get spliced…they get bariatric surgery."

And then you have your more inside baseball jokers like @evolvability, who mixes in a little sequencing platform humor: "#YoMammasGenomeSoFat it makes PacBio look like short read technology" and @Graham_Coop, who can't resist taking a swipe at the scientific press's coverage of the ENCODE project: "#YoMammasGenomeSoFat even encode press coverage thinks it can't all be functional ;-)"

Good times.