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Working on It

23andMe is still working with the US Food and Drug Administration to address the agency's concerns regarding its health test, the Verge reports. It adds that the company hopes to soon release a subset of health reports, but the timing is unclear.

"We do not have a timeline as to which health reports might be available in the future or when they might be available," 23andMe says at its blog.

Back in November, FDA sent a letter to the direct-to-consumer genetic testing company instructing it to stop marketing its Personal Genome Service to consumers. FDA argued that 23andMe, which had filed a 510(k) application in 2012, had not adequately addressed the agency's questions regarding the validity of the test.

"Unfortunately, four months after the agency first dropped the hammer, it seems 23andMe hasn't made much in the way of progress," the Verge says.

While the company ceased selling its health test, it still offers its ancestry test and provides raw genetic data.

At its blog, 23andMe says that it is working with FDA, adding that company scientists and executives have met with officials on a number of occasions in the past few months. " Getting this right is important for everyone involved," 23andMe says.