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Where Is Everybody?

The biggest biotech cluster in the US is in the Boston area, housing some 35 "major-league" companies, writes Luke Timmerman at Xconomy. He pulled together his list of top clusters by looking at where life sciences companies with at least $100 million in cash and short-term investments are located. He also compared this list to where such companies were in 2003.

"The Boston region is by far the No. 1 biotech cluster by this measure, home to 35 members of the $100 million club," Zimmerman writes. "Even more surprising is the powerful trend in its favor — Boston has three times as many financially strong, independent biotech companies as it had a decade ago."

Coming in behind Boston on his list is San Francisco Bay Area with 24 companies meeting his criteria.

"The San Francisco Bay area was number one ten years ago, but although it's grown since 2003 (24 companies versus 19), the growth in Boston has outstripped it," notes Derek Lowe at In the Pipeline.

Lowe adds that regions being home to such companies leads to "a self-perpetuating effect, to a good degree: companies come here because there are a lot of investors and a lot of good people in the workforce, and people come here because there are a lot of companies, and so on."