This Week in Nature

In this week's Nature, two separate research groups report on the evolution and function of the Y chromosome in male mammals. In one paper, a team from the University of Lausanne and elsewhere describe the use of a novel sequencing technique to examine Y evolution across 15 mammals, showing the origins of the chromosome in placental and marsupial mammals, which emerged just before the split of these lineages around 180 million years ago.

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Parabon NanoLabs is partnering with law enforcement to use genetic genealogy approaches to solve cold cases, Buzzfeed News reports.

A Columbia University-led team used emergency contact information from medical records to create family trees and estimate disease heritability.

In Science this week: ancient Southeast Asian genomes provide insight on human migration, and more.

NPR says a new report recommends that former research chimpanzees should be moved to retirement sanctuaries unless that move would shorten their lives.