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We Laughed, We Cried, We Kept Reading More

It's not every day we get to (or want to) recommend reading a law journal. But Genomics Law Report has put together a great assembly of articles on ELSI in a series called "What ELSI Is New?" Misha Angrist offers an entertaining essay to get clinical geneticists ready for an onslaught of patients who have their DNA information, while Bob Cook-Deegan explores the ethical challenges coming down the pike as sequencing takes off and thousands of DNA patents exist. Esther Dyson pitches in a piece entitled "How will we handle the capability and responsibility of creating human life according to spec?" Meantime, Genetic Alliance's Sharon Terry calls for a registry of genetic tests, and HudsonAlpha's Chris Gunter says it's time to rethink how science is communicated to the non-scientific world. There are plenty of other great entries in the series, so check out the whole thing.