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Vote for the Brightest

Voting is open for Brigham and Women Hospital's Bright Futures Prize this year, reports Nature Medicine's Spoonful of Medicine blog. The award is part of the hospital's research day.

On the year's short list are Utkan Demirci for his lab-on-a-chip device to help monitor epilepsy; Jeff Karp and Bohdan Pomahac for their project to develop a surgical adhesive that would not only replace sutures and staples but also deliver medication to the wound; and Dan Solomon and Joel Weissman for their work on creating an online community to encourage greater participation in clinical trials.

The winner of $100,000 prize is determined through a public poll, and last year, which was the inaugural year of the prize, the award went to Robert Green for his project studying the genomes of newborns.

Voting ends November 21, so cast your ballot before then.