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Venter's Algae Venture

Craig Venter and his team at Synthetic Genomics are searching for a way to produce oil from algae, and Christopher Helman at Forbes says a recent profile of Venter indicates he hasn't found an algae strain that can produce enough oil, and so he is going to make one himself. The profile, published in The New York Times earlier this month, said that Synthetic Genomics is currently "studying natural strains, but the goal is not to select any one of them; it's to combine the best qualities from each." Helman notes that Venter has a deal with ExxonMobil to develop any algae-derived biofuels, but he also points out that the agreement is for an isolated strain of algae, not an engineered strain.

The Scan

Not Kept "Clean and Sanitary"

A Food and Drug Administration inspection uncovered problems with cross contamination at an Emergent BioSolutions facility, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Resumption Recommendation Expected

The Washington Post reports that US officials are expected to give the go-ahead to resume using Johnson & Johnson's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.

Canada's New Budget on Science

Science writes that Canada's new budget includes funding for the life sciences, but not as much as hoped for investigator-driven research.

Nature Papers Examine Single-Cell, Multi-Omic SARS-CoV-2 Response; Flatfish Sequences; More

In Nature this week: single-cell, multi-omics analysis provides insight into COVID-19 pathogenesis, evolution of flatfish, and more.