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True or False?

In a letter, Myriad Genetics defends its position that primary care physicians are capable of performing genetic counseling and are encouraged to do so, though Myriad says that complex cases should be referred to a genetic counselor, as our sister publication Pharmacogenomics Reporter says. The letter to the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society came as a response to criticism from Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered's Lisa Schlager who said at the SACGHS meeting in October that she thought "that Myriad’s sales representatives discourage doctors and other healthcare providers from referring patients to genetics experts." The Yale Cancer Genetic Counseling blog has gone through the Myriad letter, pointing out what is fact and what is fiction. For example, Myriad cited one study supporting their argument that doctors can perform genetic counseling, but the Yale blog points out that "Myriad distributed the surveys for this study and included a $20 prepaid cash incentive with each survey [and] Myriad fails to mention that physicians in this study were frequently assisted by genetic counselors, nurse geneticists, or other counselors in providing genetic counseling."

The Scan

New Study Highlights Role of Genetics in ADHD

Researchers report in Nature Genetics on differences in genetic architecture between ADHD affecting children versus ADHD that persists into adulthood or is diagnosed in adults.

Study Highlights Pitfall of Large Gene Panels in Clinical Genomic Analysis

An analysis in Genetics in Medicine finds that as gene panels get larger, there is an increased chance of uncovering benign candidate variants.

Single-Cell Atlas of Drosophila Embryogenesis

A new paper in Science presents a single-cell atlas of fruit fly embryonic development over time.

Phage Cocktail Holds Promise for IBD

Researchers uncovered a combination phage therapy that targets Klebsiella pneumonia strains among individuals experiencing inflammatory bowel disease flare ups, as they report in Cell.