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With Some Caution

While many people in the US are excited by the idea of genetic research, they are also concerned about the possibility of scientists "playing God," RedOrbit reports.

A poll conducted by the Huffington Post and YouGov found that some 72 percent of respondents are worried that genetic research could lead to "scientists 'playing God' with things." For instance, 55 percent of respondents disapprove of using genetic and cloning techniques to bring back the woolly mammoth and 72 percent disapprove of using genetic findings to engineer children with high intelligence or other traits.

The poll drew upon 1,000 adults in the US who are a part of YouGov's opt-in panel.

Still, more than a third of respondents say they are excited at the prospect of what could come out of scientific research on human, plant, and animal DNA.

"The HuffPo/YouGov poll seems to reflect some … discomfort in the general public, as well as showing excitement at the possible advances to come," RedOrbit says.