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For Sharing, For Credit

During a recent Science Online New York City discussion hosted by and Ars Technica, panelist Mark Hahnel said that of the nearly 1,000 figures he generated during his PhD studies, only 20 were published in traditional outlets and made available to others. Because of his desire to both share his results and get credit for them, Hahnel developed FigShare, an open-source repository for raw data, figures, citations, and links to additional research, among other things — all of which is published under a Creative Commons license. Hahnel said that, essentially, FigShare operates as a "Dropbox for scientists."

As Science Online attendee @learnosaurus says, FigShare users can point out false or otherwise erroneous data for withdrawal. Hahnel said users are free to comment on any upload, @samuelcrane notes. "FigShare sounds promising: 'stupidly simple, filtering, discoverability, metrics,' Crane says, quoting Hahnel's talk.