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Scientists Not 'Nerd-Like Individuals'

Helen Pearson discusses a talk given by Pete Agre, AAAS president, in a Nature In the Field blog post. At the annual AAAS meeting, Agre described combating the stigmas that accompany scientists as a big challenge within the discipline. Agre said that it’s important that researchers overcome the “common impression of scientists as ‘nerd-like individuals’ and convey the ‘passionate humans we really are,’” Pearson writes. In his talk, Agre also highlighted individuals who have impacted his career and led to his success. Pearson says that she thinks these inspirational talks can be a bit overplayed. “Sometimes I think we hear too many stories along these same lines though: inspiration by amazing parent/teacher; serendipitous discovery; big idea, head of lab; understated success; and now looking back science is the best thing ever,” the blogger writes.