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Science with the Muppets

On Sesame Street, Muppets like Grover, Elmo, and Murray Monster have been adding some math and science into their days, according to the New York Times. Each season of the children's show has a curriculum that it follows, and for the past few years, it has incorporated more science, technology, engineering, and math topics.

Sesame Workshop, which produces the show, says kids are learning scientific ideas and methods from the show. A survey done by the organization found that kids learn science terms and concepts from the show, though they were not as able to transfer what they learned to a new topic.

"They actually are already thinking about these things," Kimberly Brenneman from Rutgers University and an education advisor for a different kids' show, Sid the Science Kid, said, adding that educators can "create a show that is likely to meet kids where they are, and go a little further."