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A 'Science Groupie' Sings

Icelandic singer Bjork released an album in October called Biophilia, and Bjork appeared as a guest on The Colbert Report this week to promote the album, which she says is an exploration of science and nature, reports the Huffington Post. She performed a song from the album, Cosmology — a song that centers around the creation of life and explores both creation myths and the big bang theory.

When the album was released in October, MTV's Rob Mitchum wrote that this was her most "scientifically-influenced" album yet, "with songs based around biology, physics, astronomy, and geology, a tour that will incorporate educational lectures and nature footage, and a publicity campaign that included unusual stops such as National Geographic and the scientific journal Nature Medicine." In a Nature podcast about Biophilia, Bjork calls herself "a science groupie."

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