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Sanofi Solicits Harvard's Help

In an effort to bolster its translational biomedical research portfolio, Sanofi-Aventis is headed to Harvard. Researchers at Sanofi and Harvard will collaborate on a number of projects, including those focused on cancer, diabetes, and inflammation. For its part, the company "will periodically evaluate technologies that may be of interest which are identified by Harvard's Office of Technology Development" and "will host an annual scientific forum that will bring together Sanofi-Aventis and university researchers to share knowledge and opinions on relevant scientific matters and to review progress of research projects funded through the collaboration." Fierce Biotech's John Carroll adds that this deal follows a similar one between Pfizer and Washington University, in which the two parties agreed to collaborate on re-purposing approximately 500 molecules. Carroll expects to "see more of these tie-ups between Big Pharma and universities as the industry continues its push for new drugs that can replace the blockbusters on the verge of losing patent protection," he writes.