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Personalized Medicine for the Win

The Personalized Medicine Coalition's blog, The Age of Personalized Medicine, says the healthcare reform legislation signed into law yesterday by President Obama is a "major victory" for the emerging science of personalized medicine. Blogger Amy Miller says this is the first time the principles of personalized medicine have ever been formally voted on and signed into law. Miller also says the bill is a win for comparative effectiveness research, which is "good news." Healthcare reform under the bill would expand the research agenda to include primary research on molecularly informed trials, ensure research recognizes potential differences among patients including genetic and molecular sub-typing, improve the quality of science generated from CER by using new information and technology in its studies, and create an independent research methods committee that will include experts in molecular diagnostics. Miller says the healthcare reform bill recognizes personalized medicine as the "law of the land," and its implementation will require a lot of work to ensure that CER is personalized.